Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So I just changed my top picture and CAN NOT for the life of me figure out how to center the stupid thing!!!!!!! IT IS KILLING ME!!!!! If anyone can be of some help please let me know!!!!!
So it has been a million years since I have made a post, but here we are now! For Easter we went to Kanab for the weekend. It was great because all of our family was there. Trev's little sister, Cortni, came down from Provo and his sister, Dani-Lynn, came down from Junction. It was wonderful to see everybody. We even had aunts and uncles there too, also Grandma and Grandpa Boyd Glover. As for my family, we went down to my Aunt Michelle's house in Fredonia. It was great because we have not seen my Grandma Thersea for ever, she has been to Florida for a couple of months and had just got back. I have more pics but these are just some Leslie sent me so they were quick and easy to put on. I will update again soon with the other pics!
It is just amazing how much Latimer is growing and everything he is accomplishing everyday. I love him so much.

Aunt Cortni and Latimer

Cute Little Haven

Grandma Pauline, Riley and Dani-Lynn


Jaycee, Cortni, Halle

Father and Son


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Pics

Here are a few more pictures of Latimer. Hope ya like them!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's been forever since our last post but I just love this picture. It's amazing how much and fast he is growing. I love spending time with the kid and he is getting the best personality. I am just so thankful for what a good kid he is.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Airplanes, Thanksgiving, and Mission friends...

Latimer had his first airplane ride and major trip for Thanksgiving this year. During the summer Trev and I decided that it would be a perfect time to go to Atlanta, GA. See Trev went on his mission there and has really wanted to go back and see friends from there since we have been married. It is completely amazing how friendly and nice everyone was. I could tell that Trev loved visiting and seeing where he had lived for 2 years.

Ms. JoAnn and Mercedes w/Latimer

The people in the South know how to cook!!! I swear we gained 100 million lbs. while we were there.

Mercedes and Latimer

Cute little guy!

One day we decided we would travel across the Chattooga River and see Auburn University. I thought the campus was beautiful. It is really historic with a lot of older buildings.

Auburn: Where the Eagle soars, and the Tiger roars!

So this is Toomer's Corner, this is the place that after an Auburn football game gets CRAZY!!! It is funny because Toomer's is acutually a little old drugstore. I don't know...I guess you just have to be there to get it. Rhonda, Trev, Me & Lat
They found a new girlfriend...hahaha.

When Trev was in ATL on his mission he said that there are people with some unreal names. I always thought that he might exagerate it a little bit, that is until we saw this poster...DeWanna Bonner??? Who does that to their child!?!?!?!?

The CNN Center was pretty unreal. It was huge. I was bummed cause we just missed a person doing the news.

Cartoon Network place inside the CNN Center. The thing on my front is Latimer in his pack. It was great to have it because a stroller would have been such a pain for us since we stayed with so many different people.

ATL has one of the best public transit systems in the US, MARTA. Trev spent 1 1/2 years on MARTA while in ATL. He was giving Latimer a little lovin while we waited for the next train. It was so great to use the trains, a lot cheaper than taking cabs all over the city.

One of the coolest things I think we did was when we went to Coke World in downtown ATL. Since Trev had left ATL they built a new place and he had never been to it. This was our sad attempt at taking a picture of ourselves in front of these sculpted Coke bottles from all over the world.
We finally had this guy take one of us. Again, there is Lat in his pack. He was such a good boy as we were site-seeing. He pretty much slept the whole time.
These huge Coke bottles were really intricate, but you can't really tell in this picture.
So this one room had so much old Coke stuff. This guy walked right in front of my picture, but the boy with the dog is an original Norman Rockwell painting. 1 of 7 that he was commissioned by Coke to do. The coolest thing I thought was the oldest piece of Coke memoribilia, if you look hard you can see this little red bell with Coke $0.05. I so wish it was still that cheap. It was from the 1890's (I think but can't really remember).
Downtown ATL was so cool. I loved all the different types of buildings. The big gold round one that looks like is has some of it's windows broken is the Wynn. It has a rotating restaurant in the top of it that we ate at one day. You got to see the city from a whole new perspective!

Me and Lat in front of the Olympic rings fountain in Centential Park in Downtown ATL.

No matter how much fun and how good the food is and how nice the people you see and meet are, there is no feeling quite like the one you feel when you are finally home from a vacation.

Better Late than Never...deer hunt '08

So it's been a while since our last post. I have had these pictures for a long time and forgot to post them. This was Lat's first deer hunt and he had a great time (at least I think he did...as you can see he mainly slept).

Trev bought Latimer this cute little Camo and orange outfit for the deer hunt. He looked so cute!

Matt (my brother), Trevor, and Dan (my brother)

One of our first family pictures.

Left to right:
Karter (Kris's boy), Judd (Shilo's boy), Shilo (holding Latimer), Stetson (Shilo's girl), and Madison (Kris's girl).

Trev, Latimer and his buck.

So Trev and I are dedicated hunters, this means we get to shoot 2 deer every 3 years. Seeing this is our 2nd year and since Trev didn't get one last year he HAD to get one this year. He was so excited that he acutually saw a worthwhile buck to shoot.

Nice buck honey!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween and a Little Skinny Skeleton...

For Halloween this year we spent it in Kanab. Trev found Latimer this cute costume of a skeleton. It suited him perfectly because he is such a skinny butt.

We bought a pumpkin for Latimer because I really thought he should have a one for his first Halloween. Trev was completely against carving it and I told him it was going to be a family activity so he ended up drawing the face and I carved it out. I thought he did a great job with the design. He is so much more creative than me!!!

We took Latimer over to Trev's Grandpa Boyd's house for a little trick-or-treating.

Latimer and his Pumpkin

One of our first "real" family pics